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POINTS OUTPUT Macro supports VX Table Manager

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 POINTS OUTPUT Macro supports VX Table Manager
01-08-2003 06:26 . am   |   View his/her posts only
VX points file import is excellent isn't it? Have you ever needed to output a points file from VX? This is often a requirement when CAD is used to QA plastic mouldings for example. With the attached macro you can create points files with ease

Use the Macro Installer to add the macro to your User Toolbar

Customer requested enhancement: User can now set the number of decimal places used for value output. Text labels, prompts etc can now be easily translated by editing a look-up table (.vxl)

PointsOut now supports optional point labels and can output to a VX Table Manager Table. So now you easily can place a tabulation of your values on a 2D layout.

For those who use inches, the macro auto-detects your units setting and outputs values in your preferred units. The UK invented inches and uses millimeters. The US invented millimeters and uses inches

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