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New app: DWG Columns for Explorer Free

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 New app: DWG Columns for Explorer Free
22-11-2013 06:32 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
DWG Columns for Explorer by JTB World shows the DWG version as well as DXF version in Explorer columns or even in file dialog boxes within ZWCAD+ or other applications.

During first 30 days this app works as a fully functional trial of the full version of DWG Columns for Explorer that can show the version of the DWG file, up to 10 custom properties, title, subject, author, comments, created, hyperlink base, keywords, last saved by, last updated, revision number. The properties can be set within ZWCAD+ using the DWGPROPS command.

You find the details about DWG Columns for Explorer here on the partner products page as well as on JTB World's DWG Columns page.
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