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Underlined Text in 2D Layout

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 Underlined Text in 2D Layout
10-10-2003 01:30 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Currently, the only way to place underlined text on your 2D layout is to place a text string, then draw a line below it. It is difficult to keep all underlined text looking the same. If you later edit the string, the line needs to be trimmed too.

Well, forget all that hassle! Here is a pair of macros to produce underlined text, and edit it. The text and line are grouped so they can be re-positioned anywhere on the drawing as a single object. Also, there is an options panel to control attributes, so one-click matches line attributes to text attributes etc, as required. The text input form "remembers" your last text string, so if you need to place the same note in different locations you don't have to keep typing in the same text. :-)

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