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catia v5 software,catia v6

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 catia v5 software,catia v6
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CATIA is a high-end CAD/CAM software developed by Dassault aircraft company. With its powerful surfacing capabilities in aircraft, automobiles, ships and other design CATIA software enjoys a high reputation. CATIA surface modeling capabilities embodied in that it provides a very rich modeling tools to support the needs of user's modeling. For example, its unique high-order Bezier curve function, the number could reach 15, to meet the demanding requirements of surface smoothness in specific industries.
catia v5 software,catia v6 software.
It is a delightful thing that Dassault launched CATIA V5 version which can run on multiple platforms, in particular computer platform.
This not only allows users to save a lot of hardware costs, but also its user-friendly interface, making it easier for users to use.
CATIA V6 enhance its interoperability RFLP programs further, multidisciplinary system modeling and simulation capabilities have also been improved.
Now, the new System Experiment Manager (System test administrator) allows you to replay the previous experimental results which are stored, including graphics and 3D animation.
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catia v5 software tutorial
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