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solidworks assembly tutorial

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 solidworks assembly tutorial
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solidworks assembly tutorial.First,it needs to create a new assembly. Use the New dialog box to build assembly and produce assembly from Part / Assembly.
Insert the first component in the assembly. The first part of the assembly is fixed default state, which can not be moved.
Adding components to the assembly. You can directly drag to create the assembly .Or you can click Browse to insert parts and new parts.
With the conditions, you can choose to move,and then select the surface parallel to the surface.And select the tangent.
Intelligence cooperation, select a matching surface, hold down the ALT key and drag to the position which can achieve a similar automatic intelligent assembly function with the mouse.And automatically assemble.
Quick match, first select the matching surface, and then click on the assembly commands. It will be faster.
Width match, the main point of width matching is to locate parts and assemblies with sizes.
Part hiding, hold down the TAB, use the mouse to point to the location of the parts and it will automatically hide; while holding down the TAB and SHIFT, in the location which was pointed by the mouse, the hidden parts will automatically display.
Completion of the assembly of parts, you can also select a movie set and increase a weight for its rotating shaft.And then assembly will rotate firmly.
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