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Mechanism Assembly Motion Control New v1.6

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 Mechanism Assembly Motion Control New v1.6
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You may sometimes find it difficult to use "drag" to study the motion of a mechanism assembly, especially on large assemblies as the model space scale affects the relative mouse movement. Rotational motion is particularly tricky. May be you would like to be able to set your assembly in motion and then sit back and study it "hands free". Hey, wouldn't it be useful if you could save a slide-show too? You can do all of these things, and more, with the attached macro, "IncMechanism"

Also attached here are two example assemblies:

MotionExample1.VX is suitable for use as a Cameo Demo. It is a localised "chunk" of a mold tool assembly, showing how a Slide Action is actuated by the movement of an Angle Pin. You can demo "drag" to show that the assembly works as designed or demo the IncMechanism macro for ultra-precise motion. To run IncMechanism on this example, simply pick the top plate component and then click on OK on the Motion Control Form. The default form settings are fine for this demo (Demo time 20 secs).

MotionExample2.VX is also suitable for use as a Cameo Demo, showing the motion of rotating components. This is a good example of the type of mechanism assembly you might wish to study "hands free".
For an IncMechanism demo, select the blue "drive wheel" as the controlling component. Select "User Vector" for the Reference Axis and set Motion Direction to "Rotation CW". Enter a movement increment of 20, Automatic increment repeat of 60. Click on OK.

You will be prompted to define the User Vector - there is a blue centreline, pick the nearest critical point of the line as the Vector start point, then the other end of the line as the Vector end point. With this done the motion will run automatically.

Notice that the Link component is not correct, it's slot is slightly too short. You can zoom-in on this area and set Motion Control to Manual Incr. Reduce the Movement Increment to, say, 10 and then click on OK as required to study the problem (you can change the Rotation Direction etc "on the fly").

Cancel the Motion Control Form (it will restore the assembly to it's original disposition). Click-through into the Link model and show dimensions. Adjust the slot length from 70mm to 80mm, regen and return to the assembly. Run IncMechanism again to check that all is now OK. (Demo time 1 minute).

New Version 1.6 offers better controls, built-in help and advanced image capture options. Available soon via a new Library Web Page.

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