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 solidworks to autocad
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Convertion between DWG files and SolidWorks files
1 Open SolidWorks, and then use SolidWorks to open command .In the open window,choose the file type DWG (*. Dwg) , select file which need to use DWG drawing and click "Open ."
2 Click to open.The pop-up "DXF / DWG input " window will come out .Because we need to change into 3D SolidWorks model ,select " input to the new part " and click "Next ."
3 Enter the " drawing layer mapping " setting and remove the unnecessary layers .After setting , click "Next ."
4 Enter the " File 'setting , setting unit for the input part.The most important thing is to select" is a 3D curve / models and Click "Finish"after " enter this drawing ".
5 After conversion of SolidWorks kernel calculation,3D solid model will generate as below.
6 Similarly, if an entity also needs to be modified , you can use the SolidWorks FeatureWorks
to identify feaures,modify its size and location which greatly facilitates the subsequent revision of the model .
After conversion of SolidWorks,it can be converted to 3D solid models .The repeated use of 2D data greatly save the time and work in re- modeling.
Download free 3d models
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