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Ture Testing Story of the "FAST" ZWCAD Touch

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 Ture Testing Story of the "FAST" ZWCAD Touch
09-12-2013 03:44 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
We always believe that, being FAST is the most important thing for an App, especially a CAD app. It's also how most users commented on ZWCAD Touch for iOS. So we also pass down this fast speed on Android version and compare it with all the other existing mobile CADs. From the latest performance test, we found that ZWCAD Touch Android version is the fastest!

We select 26 sample drawings with different sizes to test the time of opening in ZWCAD Touch, AutoCAD WS, GstarCAD MC. So here is the result, which is really a surprise:
2013-12-26 16:59

Want to test it by yourself? Here you go:

2013-12-9 15:45

Scan it to download.

(This is a magic QR code. It knows if you are an iOS or Android user. Shazam!)

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