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Dongle Activation not working - New Customer

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 Dongle Activation not working - New Customer
21-12-2013 12:20 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I have downloaded the software and have the activation dongle (stand alone activation). When I go through the license manager steps and utilize note 2 indicting activate with a dongle the product ID does not show up so activation cannot be completed. You have supplied me a second dongle to ensure that the original one was not the issue. I have attempted this activation on both a window 8.1 computer and a windows 7 computer. The light on the dongle is not blinking, it is solid.

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22-12-2013 01:09 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
I've been through the exact problem that you describe. You have to revert to some old instructions to make the dongle work. Why this is not documented clearly is something that I don't understand. You have to run a utility that will write something to and make your dongle work.

Go the to below address:

Once at the above address click on "Upgrading with Stand-alone Dongle (V2012)". Disregard the fact that these instructions appear to be for 2012 but you are trying to install 2013.

You will see a screen that has 6 steps (they call it Procedures) that you need to follow. Most important is the download of the file (UpgradeDongle.exe) that the instructions call "the small package".

View the image in the instructions.

After you run that all will be well.

Good Luck

Dave (in Indiana)

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Reply 1# amarsh3917

" The light on the dongle is not blinking, it is solid. "

Hi Amarsh, if you try the dongle on different PC and get the same problme ( the lignht on the dogle is not blinking). This dongle probably is broken. so please contact our local reseller to change new one or use soft-key license.

By the way, let me add one note for the dongle activate.
when you plug the dongle into use and the light is blinking. if the product ID can't be read to show on the license manager.
Please try the following method. Set the compatibility mode for Window 7, then run ZW3D as administrator.

2014-1-6 10:34

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[attach]2216[/attach][attach]2216[/attach] Fixed Windows8 Dongle Activation (605.49 KB) Post Last Edit by luurt at 2014-1-24 03:27

Hi orchid,
In February 2013 I received a dll for win 8 computers to have it recognize the dongle
That also may work for our new customer.
By the way, If I were him, I wouldn't introduce myself with that nickname in Germany :-)
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