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ZWCAD 2014 Table Issue

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 ZWCAD 2014 Table Issue
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Hello Everyone
This is Batuhan from Vestel Electronics
We have changed our Autocad 2007 software with ZWCAD+ 2014 two months ago. We are generally pleased with ZWCAD.
But we are having some troubles about Table contents.

Our current drawings are created with Creo(ProE) Parametrics Drawing tool and most of them edited with AutoCad. When we are trying to edit these tables with ZWCAD, table structures collaps everytime.

I attached some pictures about the bug.

Version of our ZWCAD software:

VERNUM = "2013.10.25(17150)"

Please help us to solve this issue.
Waiting for your reply.

Best Regards
Batuhan GOCER
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