autocad Rtzoom command

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 autocad Rtzoom command
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1. Command format
Command: Rtzoom
Toolbar:[Standard] →[Realtimeoom]
When executing zoom command, left click the mouse till an icon showing zooming in come up. Move this icon to achieve the effect of realtime dynamic zoom. Left click the mouse and dragging it downwards can achieve the effect of zoom out, while dragging it upwards can achieve the effect of zoom in, and horizontal move would not cause any change to the graphics. Press【Esc】to exit.
Scrolling the wheel in the middle of the mouse can achieve zooming in or out the graphics. Besides this, wheel has other functions as the table shows:
Operations of wheel mouse The functional descriptions of operations
Scroll wheel mouse Enlarges (move forwards) or shrinks(move backwards)
Double clicks on wheel mouse Zooms to the extents of graphics
Press wheel mouse and drag it Realtime-pan(equalling to the funtion of pan command

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