autocad pan command

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 autocad pan command
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autocad pan command
1. Command format
Command: Pan (P)
Ribbon:[View]→[Zoom] →[Translation]
Toolbar:[View] →[Pan]
Pan command is used to reset the position of the graphics by specifying displacement. To display graphics outside the view in a limited screen size area, using pan command can be much faster than using zoom command with visualized and convenient operation.

When executing this command, realtiem pan the graphics on the screen. During the process, right click to show the shoutcut menu, resulting directly shift to zoom, 3D orbit, zoom window, zoom original, zoom extents, which is called transparency command, meaning a command that can be executed when other commands are executed and is led by a single quatation mark.

3. Note
Pressing the wheel mouse can achieve pan, it is unnecessarily to press Esc or Enter to exit this command.

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