autocad command Dsviewer

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 autocad command Dsviewer
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autocad command Dsviewer

1.Command format

Commandline: Dsviewer


The Dsviewercommand is a visualized alternative to the realtime Zoom and Pan command, aswith a strengthened version of Zoom Dynamic. The Aerial View window,the “bird-eyes view” provided by dsviewer command, is an independent windowcompared to drawing window, while the results of operations in either window wouldbe simultaneously shown in two windows .


In AerialView window, cursor appears in a form of mode. There is an arrowthat specifies the expansion direction in the zoom mode and there is a “+”tabin the pan mode. Left-click the mouse can switch between two modes, as picture7-3 (a) shows. When select to zoom, moving the mouse in Aerial View window sothat the cursor window can cover the area which needs to be magnificated, andthen right–click the mouse or press Enter buttom to achieve the magnificationof this selected area in the whole drawing district as picture 7-3 (b) shows.

TheAerial View window can be moved to any part in drawing district at will. Thesize of the Areial View window can be modified tthough gernerally the defaultsize is used. Using Areial View window can conveniently and swiftly specifyparts that need to display and zoom. Thus it is usually used in observingdetails of topographic map in large scale and complex drawing paper.

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