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hp 510 ploter A2 paper size problem

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 hp 510 ploter A2 paper size problem
25-01-2014 12:39 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
I am using zwcad+2014 sp1. My plotter is HP 510 42" when I try to plot A2 size It does not show. and if I choose custom paper then print comes but its orientation is not correct and it waste my paper. please help in this regard.


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Reply 1# softtech

Try this...
Close all windows.
Goto start/printers and faxes.
Set the printer as default.
Right click on default printer,look for paper standards tabs (either on properties or printing preferences).
Select the paper standards (ISO, ANSI etc.,)
Close & apply.
Now what ever paper standards you selected will start appearing in ZWCAD plot menu.

Now for the custom paper sizes,
goto start/printers and faxes, right click on default printer, goto printing preferences, under paper options, set your custom size. Set all custom sizes, Apply and close.
Open zwcad.
Goto plot, paper size, you can see all paper sizes now.
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