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New style manager in ZW3D 2014 (2D Drafting)

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 New style manager in ZW3D 2014 (2D Drafting)
17-02-2014 10:01 . am   |   View his/her posts only
Since ZW3D 2013 version, it use Style manager to replace "Bundle" to manager various dimension setting in 2d drafting. And ZW3D 2014 version keep improving in this field and make more improvements.
This post will be used to shows the modifications in ZW3D 2014 compare with 2013 version.

* Let's see the difference between 2013 and 2014

1. Global setting

2014-2-17 10:05

2014-2-17 10:05

1.1 Style filter

2014-2-17 11:12

Activate Standard: The current default standard is using in current 2d drafting, only one default standard in one 2d drafting.

Current Document: All the standards were used in current 2d drafting, including activate standard.

All (with local): All the standards existed or used in current 2d drafting, including all current standards and Local standards in 2d drafting.

1.2 More items can be customized in Style manager

2014-2-17 11:35

1.3 Active Standard/Default standard

All the styles assigned to default standard will shows in thick text

2014-2-17 13:42

When you selecting "From standard" by Attribute dialog box, it means that it will using the style which set to default standard

2014-2-17 14:13

1.4 The differences between "Active style" and "Assigned style for active standard"

Different text color means different status.

a. Black color and thick means "The style assigned to default standard"

b. Blue color and thin text with suffix "Active" means "The active style"

C. Blue color and Thick text with suffix "Active" means "both active style and Assigned standard style "

2014-2-17 14:01

2. Calling interface

2014-2-17 10:09

Each entities support to using style, you can mostly Right click it -> Attribute, then you you can see the selection list for Style.

2.1 From Standard

It will uses the style which assigned to Default standard

2.2 Selecting the style shows blue text color

It will uses the active style.

^ For example, if you set the style manger for "Linear" as below, When you selecting "From standard", it will use "Linear Style (GB)", but when you direct selecting "Linear Style (DIN)", it means that it's the active style.

2014-2-17 14:30

^ If you set the style manager for "Linear" as below, the active style is will be the default standadr style also. So when you select "From standar", it means you will use the "Linear Style (DIN)"

2014-2-17 14:35

3. Changing "Active style" when creating dimension

Actually, you don't need to activate dimension style from style manger each time. You can change the active style by creating dimension.

After changing to other style and finish this dimension, the selected style has been set as "Active style" on style manager.

2014-2-17 14:47

Notice: 1. You have to finish creating dimension so that changing can go into effect.
2. You can't change the "Active style" by right click the existed dimension. you can change the style for existed dimension, but you can't set it as global active style by doing that.

4. Creating new style when creating dimension

When you creating dimension and want to change some attribute, ZW3D 2014 allow you to save it to a new style, what's more, it allow you to save it with a new name and set it as "Active style"

2014-2-17 14:58

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17-02-2014 05:41 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hi William. I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, but I have a question about the 2D Drafting in ZW3D. Specifically, when I place dimensions and views, the highlighted color before clicking "OK" is a very light green that I can't see well at all. Is there a way to change that color to something darker with more contrast? Like Red, Blue, Black, etc.? Also, is there a way to re-position (move) views after they've been created?

Thank you.

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17-02-2014 05:59 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Reply 2# wdne20029514

Hi Sir, you can report question in forum or sent us email directly. (

1. You can change the highlight colow with the setting below on configuration

2014-2-17 17:56

2. After creating View, you can selecting the view and hold Left key to move it to any place. or you can use the Move command below.

But I will recomment you use the first way, it will be most faster.
2014-2-17 17:59

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18-02-2014 02:05 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Excellent! Thank you again.
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