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Question about the ALIGN Command

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 Question about the ALIGN Command
18-02-2014 04:12 . am   |   View his/her posts only
I am new to CAD and trying to learn it now. Please be patient with me if I ask a stupid question along the way. Currently I am using the trial download of ZWCAD+ 2014. First off the help section under "Align Objects" says you can get to ALIGN command from the Modify command as shown here:
  • Choose Modify > 3D Operation > Align from the main menu

You can't do this as there is no "3D Operation" option available under the Modify tab, at least not on the version I have. So I just typed in ALIGN to start the command.

I constructed 2 boxes in Solids with 1 box being smaller than the other. I am trying to align/attach the smaller box to the side corner of the larger box. To do this I Type in the ALIGN command and click on source point point on small box and destination point on the larger box. I did a total of 3 source and destination points. When I click on the last destination point the small box moves from one end of the large box to the other end of the large box and remains about the same distance away from it. Screenshots are attached of commands entered, boxes beforeand after the alignment and shots of the alignment points.
I have tried several different points and haveyet to get the 2 objects to align themselves next to each other.
Any help would be appreciated.

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