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ZWCAD Touch V1.1 for Android Released

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 ZWCAD Touch V1.1 for Android Released
24-02-2014 06:06 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Hello everyboy!
Since ZWCAD Touch for Android released in the beginning of 2014 (see here), we have received a lot of comments and feedbacks from all over the world. Most of them are very postive and exciting, such as "being fast and stable", "deal with big drawings well", "powerful features" and "easy to use". Also, many users gave us more suggestions and feature requirements to make this app better.

With all this advices and feedbacks, we updated ZWCAD Touch for Android to Version 1.1.0 today, officially in Google Play (You can also see it updated in Amazon, Samsung and LG smartworld app store later). So what's new you can expect in this update?

1. More 3rd-party cloud services are integrated
ZWCAD Touch is not only "Mobile" and "Fast", but also born with "Cloud" DNA inside its body and soul, so does the Android version. The first release (V1.0.0) of Android version already supports Dropbox, and now it has more: Google Drive, SkyDrive and even Webdav(many cloud services are using Webdav for thier server, like MyDisk, MyDriver, SwissDisk, Cloudme and even Box). With this many cloud services support, you can store your drawings on cloud and view them at any time, any where.
2014-2-24 17:51

2. Switch to Layout space view
For many designers and architects, they uses layout (paper space) a lot. How could ZWCAD Touch not fulfilling thier needs? Yes, it is here now. In the latest version of ZWCAD Touch V1.1 for Android, you can switch among model space and different layout space with a single touch of the screen. You will be amzed by how fast it could be when changing views!
2014-2-24 17:51

3. Use whatever Fonts you want
None of us can underestimate the importance of text in a complete drawing. It clearly tells people how this design is made, what material is used, and simply how long the distance should be. Different text with different fonts means different things. If every text looks just the same, how could people distinguish them with a quick glance? That's why we put font support to such a high priority, and thus provide this ability in the first update version. Now come and experience the variety of text and fonts in new ZWCAD Touch V1.1 for Android!
2014-2-24 17:51

4. Improved the experience of opening drawings from other apps
Currently when you open drawing from other apps, like Mail or your File system manager, ZWCAD Touch will ask you to save this drawing into it, thus you have to specify a name for the drawing, which is quite annoying. Now the pain is gone and forever. When open drawing from other app, ZWCAD Touch will just open it directly without asking you for anything.
2014-2-24 17:51

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