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Hi all,
I am a surveyor and am now using 2012+.
But, i have been testing 2014 for some time now and would like to post my opinion (in my field):
- working with blocks is now solved
- the raster transparency issue has been solved, together with a much lower degree of resources needed
- cadtools has been convinced to migrate to zwcad (MAJOR event!!) and makes the software mix perfect for surveyors!!
- viewport plotting issues no longer exist

The only thing that i am not yet fully ok with is:
1. i can't insert Geo-referenced images into their original coordinates based on their *.tfw file.

and i still have to buy an upgrade to 2014 :))

Given the fact that the block manager commands and transparency issues related to the raster images are now solved and that cadtools migrated to zwcad, i can say that zwcad has become fully workable in my field of activity and i would like to congratulate the team for solving all the problems users refer to (which is a fact that you can't find in other developers)

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