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how to draw a spring in autocad

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 how to draw a spring in autocad
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In the early cad technical article, we had been talked about the drawing of the spring. Now we’d like to have a second introduction.
1. Call out the three-dimensional modeling toolbar we commonly used to draw a 3D drawing in the interface
2. Switch the drawings to the axial profile drawings such as the southwest axial profile drawing and so on, then use the circle command and specify the circle center (0, 0,0), torus radius 200 and the pipe radius of 20.
3. Select the cutting command.
Specify a torus.
Specify the ZX face as the section.
Specify a point on the section (0, 0,0).
Specify the side to remain. If you input B, you choose to remain both sides.
4. Specify the origin in the UCS and put the coordinate on the position as shown in the following figure:

5. Select the 3D rotation in the 3D operation under the modification tab in the menu and select the left half part of the torus. We’d like to define the Y axis as the rotation axis and specify the point (0,0,0)in the Y axis and then specify the rotation angle of -8 degrees. Certainly, you can customize the degree according to your requirement.
6. At this time you can change the ucs to array. But if you don't know the offset dimension, it is still a little trouble to operate. You can use the copy command to select and copy all of the objects. According to the prompts during the operation, you can specify the base point of copying as red and the base point of the paste as yellow. Copy and paste until to the needed height. You have to keep in mind that you need to copy and paste the right-half of the torus to get the best effect. The effect as shown in the following graphic.

7. The last step is to select the union set command in the entity edition. Select all of the parts scattered during the operation and union them as a whole entity. Add color to the spring, then you create a beautiful spring.

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