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How to Draw Gears in the CAD

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 How to Draw Gears in the CAD
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Q: How to draw a gear in the CAD.
A: You can plug in a gear in the drawing. The gears can be generally found on the internet. If you don’t want to use the plug-in, you have to draw the gear artificially little by little.
The drawing of gears uses conventional drawing method. You need to draw the addendum circle and dedendum circle, pitch, shaft hole, pin groove, etc in the main draw. In addition, you need to draw out the width of the gear, outline of addendum circle, dedendum circle outline, pitch contour, outline of shaft hole, pin groove profile, etc on the right view, which is the rectangle on the left side of the figure. The data such as number of teeth, modulus, pressure Angle indicated in the instructions.
For the maximum overall diameter of the gear, you don’t need to draw the tooth reflected on the drawing. Instead, you need to use the contour line to draw the addendum circle, the center line to draw the dividing circle and the dotted line for the drawing of the dedendum circle.

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