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how to create a 3d model in autocad

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 how to create a 3d model in autocad
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About modeling in the CAD modeling, here, we’d like to take a simple furniture modeling as an example to show you the steps.
Firstly, switch the drawing into the three-dimensional drawing model.
Secondly, draw (xy plane) a 800 x500 rectangle in the top view, which refers to the XY plane.
Thirdly, specify the line plane domain. If you use the square tools to draw the rectangle directly, you can omit this step. But if you use a line to draw the rectangle, you need to specify its domain. If you can’t find the domain toolbar, you can find it in the 2D/3D drawing toolbar. This steps is used to combine the lines to a whole. The operation steps are clicking the domain tool, selecting the lines one by one and clicking the ENTER button. Then, you finish the domain operation. In the later operation, once you select one of the line, you select the whole rectangle.
Fourthly, use the 3D extension tool to extend the rectangle at any views. Except for the top view and vertical view. That is to say, the views you can choose are front, middle, behind and left view. Input the extension value, then you can finish the extension of the rectangle.
You had to notice not to select the 2D extension tool in this step.

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