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how to print drawing in autocad

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 how to print drawing in autocad
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1. The drawing frame inserted in the layout is the strict standard frame which scale is 1:1. For example, the A3 drawing frame should be 420 x594. Certainly, some company's drawing frame has some deviation with the standard frame. As it is the cause of the box itself, we will not discuss it here.
2. After inserted the drawing frame, the scale of the viewport placed in the frame is defined by the dimension proportion of the graphics which placed in the corresponding viewport. For example, the plane in the viewport A is a partial plan and its dimension proportion is 1:50, then the scale of the corresponding viewport is set as 1:50. Similarly, if a frame has another viewport, such as the section, then the scale of the corresponding viewport should be determined by the dimension proportion of the section.
A lot of people find it is hard to make clear the plot proportion. In fact, no matter how many patterns in the drawing, we can find out the plot proportion of each pattern according to the content the pattern expressed. The most important thing to consider is the plot proportion is corresponding to the dimension scale of the pattern.
For example, if we may figure out that the plot proportion of a small screw is 1:1 or 1:2, then we choose the 1:1 dimension scale to have a try to dimension. The dimension should correlate with the screw pattern you have drawn. If you use the 1:1 proportion for plotting, then the dimension is even larger than the pattern itself. This is unfitted clearly. That is to say, the proportion we choose is wrong and we need to reconsider about it.
3. The viewport scale: You can use the keyboard commands 1 / * XP to call out the CAD quick view menu. You can select the scale for the viewport directly.
4. If you need to plot the drawing according to specific proportion, you can select the map sheet corresponding to the frame and plot at 1:1 scale.
5. The meaning of 1:1 print.
The so-called 1:1 print means that the frames in the drawing is the standard frame which is inserted or drew at the 1:1 ratio. Thus, if you choose the 1:1 plot scale in the print scale, the patterns are absolutely printed with the size of the standard drawing and the different sale graphics within the frame is printed at the viewport scale you have set before.

In the end, we’d like to explain the problem of white edge which you had mentioned. If you select the ordinary white paper to print the drawing, the A3 paper to plot for example, whereas the frame your company stipulated is strictly according to size of 297 x 420, then the outside of the drawing can not be printed in the paper. You can see this clearly through in the preview. In the situation, there will not have white edge in the paper. But most of the print companies use an enlarged paper to print. That why there are white edges around the drawing.
If you need to plot in proportion, you must choose the 1:1 plot Settings instead of the full drawing. Generally, we use the full plot only when we print the draft for ourselves to view.

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