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how to add printer in autocad

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 how to add printer in autocad
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Q: How to add printer in the CAD?
A: The following method is based on the ZW software and you can use it for reference.
After finishing the CAD drawing, you may want to print the drawing out. The first steps you need to do is to hold the Ctrl and the P button simultaneously to call out the print program dialog box. Click the small arrow on the right of the name of the printer and select the brand model for the printer. Then specify the paper type, such as A3 or A4. After chosen of the paper type, you need to specify the print range which option is below the paper type. Click the word “window” and specify the print range in the CAD drawing by moving your mouse.
Next, click the small box at front of the “full drawing” on the right of the menu and the “center print” box in the Print Offset option left below the menu. Then, click the small arrow at the right bottom and open the extended menu on the right. In the extended menu, you can specify the Graphic direction as horizontal or vertical.
After all of the setting, you can click the preview option at the left-below corner to see if the display effect is what you want. After your confirmation, right-click and select the Print in the popped-up menu and print the drawing out. If the display is not satisfied to you, you can repeat the above operation for a second time.
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