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How to draw the floor plan in the CAD?

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 How to draw the floor plan in the CAD?
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Q:How to draw floor plans in the CAD?

A:Compared with the CAD 3D, two-dimensioned CAD software is easier and simpler tooperate. In this aspect, ZWCAD 2012 are more in line with the habits of theChinese people. Therefore, we recommend you to download the ZWCAD 2012 forlearning and practice. In addition, if you want to learn the CAD operation in ashort time, you need to read the tutorials repeatedly and attentively and havemore practices. You can find some olddrawings or designs to emulate and practice. If you meet some problem, you cango to the ZWCAD technology community to submit your question. There arededicated staff to answer your questions.

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