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How to Convert Spline into Multi segment in CAD

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 How to Convert Spline into Multi segment in CAD
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1. How to convert the spline into multi segments?
Enter Flatten in the command line and specify the spline you’re going to convert according to directions.
Note: You can only find the flatten command in the Express Extension Toolkit. Therefore before activating the command, you need to make sure that you have installed the extension tool.
2. Another methods of converting the spline into the multi-segment.
Method 1: Copy the spline to transform into a new drawing and use the “Save as” command to save the drawing as the "L12 DXF (*. DXF)" file. The next step is to open the "DXF (*. DXF)" file you just saved, thus you transform the spline into the multi segments.
Method 2: Use the WMFOUT command options to specify the spline to convert and save the selected objects as the "primitive file (*. WMF)" file. Enter the corresponding parameters according to the prompts and then explode the graphic. After explosion, you can get the multi segments you’d like to convert into.
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