what does cad mean

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 what does cad mean
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Computer-aided design (CAD) software refers to a computer application used to design digital 2D drawings or 3D models – from buildings to machinery, toys to furniture and virtually everything in between. While CAD software is used extensively in complex, design-centric industries such as architectural design and mechanical engineering, it can also be used by consumers and hobbyists to create basic designs and objects.
The term CAD software can encompass a vast array of diverse modeling software applications, but most computer design applications fall under one of two broad classifications: professional-grade software and consumer-grade applications. Professional CAD services boasts robust functionality and intricate features specially designed for commercial use. Autodesk, the maker of AutoCAD, is arguably the most well-known manufacturer of professional computer-aided design software in the world. Its state-of-the-art AutoCAD applications offer a depth of functionality and innovation that few competitors can match. Our reviews focus on more consumer-grade applications ideal for hobbyists, home users and small to mid-sized businesses. AutoCAD is unquestionably an industry leader but its purchase price, vast functionality, and subsequent steep learning curve make it more suitable for professional use.
There are many advantages to using CAD software, but perhaps one of its biggest benefits is it enables you to conceptualize a design or object in full before bringing it about tangibly. This not only saves ample time but can help minimize errors and streamline the entire design process. The traditional drawing process with pencil and paper requires immense time and specialized drawing skills, and correcting errors can be difficult and time-consuming. To the contrary, though it may have a learning curve, CAD software can be used by anyone. It also helps you easily determine the proper dimensions of your design, undo errors and replicate redundant design components with a single click of the mouse. Overall, the software makes a once laborious and lengthy design process easier and quicker to accomplish.

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