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Draw centerline circle in autocad

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 Draw centerline circle in autocad
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Q: How to use the CAD to draw the center line of the circle.
A: Here we provide a method for your reference.
Firstly, input the system variables command (DIMCEN) in the command line and ENTER. Then set the parameters in the Center Mark Function lab. Here we set it as -2. This parameter ca be set as a positive, negative or zero. The positive value means the half length of the center line. Zero means no center lie while the negative value means the length is beyond the border.
Secondly, input the center mark command(DCE) and press ENETR.
Thirdly, click the circle or the arc which you are going to draw a center line for. Then the center line is drawn.
Fourthly, enter the Space button and create the center line for the next circle.

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