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how to print autocad layout

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 how to print autocad layout
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Q: How to print the layout in the CAD?
A: It is quite easy to print the layout in the CAD.
Firstly, create a standard frame. The actual size of the paper is set as a whole set of A3, A2, A1, A0 etc.
Secondly, draw in the mode and switch into the layout option when you finish the drawing. Paste a ready-make frame in the layout. Use the MV to draw out a viewport. In addition, all of the graphics in the mode can be zoomed in automatically by the MV command. If the graphics are not zoomed in, you can double click or input the MS in the command line to enter into the viewport dialog box. Then you can use the Z-A to full scale. Find all of the graphics and zoom out the specific graphics in the viewport. If you want to enlarge the graphics with an accurate proportion, you can customize the scale in the property dialog box. For example, if you want to define the scale as 1:50, you can enter into the viewport and specify the Z--S--1/250XP. Then the drawing will enlarge at the proportion of 1:250. You can use the control point to control the display size of the viewport with no influence on its proportion if you find the size of the view is not fit for you. You can set any proper proportion for the viewport. Certainly, the scale you set must fit for the standard proportion.
The exit command of the viewport is PS.
3. A drawing can be printed with different layout. You can close the useless layout in the viewport through the star alike icon in the layer. The operation will not affect the display of other view-ports. dwg viewer cad viewer
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