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The VX Offices are open

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 The VX Offices are open
09-09-2004 02:19 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
As of 9/9 the VX offices are delcared open. If you have post hurricane cleanup work to do, do not feel obligated to report in. The phone system is down, but the calls are being routed to a dedicated VX employee's cell phone.

-Chris Galli

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10-09-2004 12:04 . am   |   View his/her posts only

The outside world has probably seen more about the destruction caused by Frances than those hit by it. We were all very concerned about the safety of the VX Florida team and relieved to hear that everyone is alive and well.

An often used saying in the UK, to describe someone or something that is not 100%, is "worst for the weather". Currently pretty apt for the conditions in Florida, especially in describing Robert Burn's house, but not so the VX Staff - rallying round to help Robert before hurricane Ivan arrives, and despite not having electricity all this time, e-mails received have been positive and licked with the familiar VXers sense of humour. Out of adversity comes strength. Our hearts and hopes are with you.

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