How to draw an axial map

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 How to draw an axial map
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1. Set up the drawing environment for the axonometric drawing.
2. Call the elliptical command. The parameters after the call are as follows:
Specify the endpoint of the elliptical axis or [Arc(A)]/Center(C)/Isometric Circle(I):I
Specify the center of the isometric circle:
Specify the radius of the isometric circle or Diameter(D): *Cancel*
3.Draw three ellipses on each different surfaces. The following figure shows the ellipse on the right axonometric surface, left axonometric surface and the above axonometric surface.
We’d like to take the regular axonometric hexagon as the example to give you an explanation.
* First, draw a regular hexagon under the rectangular capture mode.
* Switch into the regular axonometric drawing view. That is to say, change the observation point.
* Use the UCS command to set the current view as plane view
Finally, you can get the following results. skp file product planning software
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