how to draw door in cad

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 how to draw door in cad
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What is the drawing method in the CAD? Firstly, you need to draw the axis and offset a certain distance at both side of the axis as the wall line. After drew out the wall line, draw a line which is vertical to the wall along the corner of the wall. Offset out the distance of the crib and the width of the window and the door. Then, use the shear command to cut off the wall line and draw out the hole of the door. Use the same method to draw out the window hole. The next step is to draw the window and the door. Finally, mark the axis number,dimension, frame, drawing name etc. As shown in the figure below:
It is available for the ZWCAD 2012, ZWCAD Mechanical, ZWCAD Architecture as well. 3d cad Tutorials
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