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The dimension of the screw in autocad

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 The dimension of the screw in autocad
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The dimension of the screw.
Dimension of the common thread (Figure 8-8). The dimension of the common thread is constituted by the length of the screw, the structure size of the screw, the mark of the screw. Among them, the mark of the screw need to dimension on the large diameter,
The full dimension mark is as follows.
Feature code Nominal Diameter x Pitch Lead Helical - Diameter Tolerance Code Top Diameter Tolerance code Spin Length Code
The code of the tooth type in the common thread is M. There are thick tooth and thin tooth. The dimension of the thick tooth can be omitted. If the tolerance codes of the middle diameter and the tope diameter are same, you only need to dimension for one time. Regarding to the rotate code, the right hand thread can not dimension the rotation code. The rotation code of the left hand thread is LH. In addition, when the length of the screw is at a medium-size, you don’t need to dimension. The long size is represented by the L and the short type is represented by the S.
Figure 8-8 The dimension of the screw.
The dimension of the pipe thread.
The pipe threads are divided into seal pipe thread and the unseal pipe thread. The dimension lead of the pipe thread must point to the large diameter. The composition of marks are as follows:
Sealing pipe thread code: Feature Code Dimension Code - Rotation Code
Non-sealing pipe thread code: Feature code Dimension Code Tolerance grade codes - Rotation code
It is important to note that the dimension code of the pipe thread does not refer to the large dimension of the thread. Its parameters can be found in the relevant manuals.
Figure8-1 The dimension of the pipe thread

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