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how to read the architectural drawing

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 how to read the architectural drawing
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Q: How to Read the CAD drawing? How to read the CAD architecture drawing?
A: First and foremost, you had to know the basic knowledge of drawing. You can learn them from a common drawing book.
Then, you have to check the legend in the drawing to understand the representative of each block and code.
You will know how to read the drawing by more readings.
In general, we read the drawing according to the top and front view. As the architecture drawing is floor plan, the first thing you have to do is to understand the pattern of each building, such as roadbeds these basic architectural graphics. If you have understood and familiar with all of these, then you will know the representative of the patterns in the drawing and the differences between the model and the floor plan. It is hard to say clearly how to read the drawing, you need to accumulate through the practices and from your experiences. Read more and draw more, you will know how to read them.

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Obrigado pela explicação.
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