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Can’t Find the SHELL Program in autocad

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 Can’t Find the SHELL Program in autocad
20-03-2014 02:56 . pm   |   View his/her posts only
Q: When I was editing the multi-line text in CAD, the system prompts me that the SHELL program can not be found. It is display normally in the past. How to fix the problem?
A: The reason usually is that you had installed old CAD version before and the setting in the old version had transplanted into the new version. The solution is as follows:
1. Open the options dialog. (Right click and select the options tab or enter the command “op”)
2. Open the text editor under the file menu and you will find it displayed as External. That is to say it is originated from the outside. It is no wonder why you can’t find the SHELL program.
Delete the “External” first and change it into “Internal”, save and exit.

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