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draw order command in autocad

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 draw order command in autocad
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Command format
Command line: Draworder
Ribbon: [Tools]→[Draworder]
By default, the draw order of the original objects determines the sequence they are displayed. Use the Draworder command variable to control the default display behavior of overlapping objects such as moving one object below another. When two or more objects cover each other, the accurate graphics order ensure the correct display and print output. For example, if the raster image will cover the existing objects after inserting, then it is necessary to adjust the graphic sequence.
Use the Draworder command to change the order of 7-12(a) into 7-12(b) as following steps:
Command : Draworder Executive Command
Specifies the objects for which you want to change the draw order selected the rectangular
Select the object in the collection: 1
select the objects which order you want to change; Right-click
Input the options[Above(A) Under(U) Front(F) Back(B)]:U
Input U Moves the selected objects below the specified reference objects.
Select the referential objects select the triangle
Select the object in the collection:1
Select the referential object; Right-click

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