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how to set text style in autocad

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 how to set text style in autocad
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set the text style
1 command format
Keyboard: Style/Ddstyle (ST)
Ribbon : [format] > [text]
The Style is used to set the text style, including the parameters such as Fonts, the Height of Text, Width, Obliquing Angle, the Text Direction and so on.
2. Steps:
Execute the Style command and then a "font style" dialog will appear.
Define the fhss front as the new style. The following prompts are displayed.
Readers can set up other text styles according to their preferences. The explanations of each option in dialog box(8-1) are as follows:
The style name: Here you can select one of the defined styles or click the [new] button to create a new style from the drop-down dialog box.
New: Click the button, enter a style name for the new text style. Click OK
Rename: This is used to change the name of one defined style. Select the style you want to change, enter a new style name in the “rename the text style” dialog box, and then click [OK]button.
Delete: remove the specific style in the drop-down list on the left. Click the [delete] button and then the system will be prompted to delete the style, click the [OK] button to delete the style and [cancel] to retrieve.
Text style: the region is used to set the current font, font format, font height. The contents are as follows:
Font name: The Windows system TrueType (TTF) font and the fronts carried by itself are listed in the drop-down list box. The user can select one as the current font.
Font type: regular, bold, italic font etc.
The user can choose any style as the current font style.
Big font: selecting this check box, the user can use the Big front definite type.
Text metrics:
Height: the text edit box is used to set the character height.
Width factor: Expansion or compression of the characters. 1 for normal; >1 for expansion; <1 for compression.
Obliquing angle: Slant of the characters. If the default above 0 degrees, the character is skewed to the right; Conversely, if the default less than 0 degrees, the character is tilted to the left.
Text generation:
Backwards: backward text.
Upside down: Upside down text.
Vertical: Vertical or horizontal text.
Preview: The preview of the current font text effect.
After setting up, click [application] button to add the new style into the current graphics. Click the [OK] button to close the dialog box.

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