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what is the difference between text and mtext

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 what is the difference between text and mtext
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1) the Mtext command is different from the Text command, Mtext input multiline paragraphic text. As the text is an entity, you can only select and editor the entire text. The Text command can also enter multiple lines of text, but each line of text is a separate entity, and they can be selected or edited respectively. The dimension text by the Mtext can ignore font settings. If the user set a certain front in the text lab, the dimension text will use what you had chosen before, no matter what kind of front you set when you edit.
2) If you want to modify the dimensioned Mtext text, you can select the text and right-click, then select the "parameters" in the shortcut menu. Modify the text in the "object properties" dialog box.
3) While entering the text, you can set different fonts, height, bold, underline, italic, underline, overline and other settings for single or multiple character. This is same with other word processing software. The operation is: hold down and drag the left mouse button, select the text that you want to edit, and then set the corresponding options.

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