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ddedit command in autocad

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 ddedit command in autocad
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Command Format
Command line: Ddedit (ED)
Toolbar:[Text]>[Text Edition]
Edit and modify the content of the dimension text, such as adding or replacing the text characters, editing the Mtext text or defining the attribution.
Use the Ddedit command to add the words ”to make the feeling of the design better” in the text, which as 8-7 shows. The steps are as follows:
Command: Ddedit execute the command
Specify the objects to modify select the text to edit
After selection, this line will enter into the edit mode automatically. The single line text support WYSIWYG in the autocad.

Put the mouse at the end of the character string “autocad” and enter ”to make the feeling of the design better”, click the “Enter” button or elsewhere to complete the modification. See 8-8:

1). Double click the text entity and modify the dimension text directly. Or you can right-click after specification and select “edit” option in the shortcut menu.
2). autocad support multi-language input in the multiline text. If the blueprint is co-designed by different languages, the words objects in the graphic can display in multi-language simultaneously. It is convenient for the blueprint exchange between different nations. Also, autocad improves the operation interface which is more friendly and beautiful.

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