Qtext command in autocad

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 Qtext command in autocad
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Command format
Command line: Qtext
Control the quick display of the text.
When the graphics used in a large number of complex structure text, it will reduce the speed of Zoom, Redraw command. The Qtext command can be used to outline bounding box to indicate a string of characters, but the character itself does not display, so that it can greatly improve the graphics’ rebuild speed.
Use the Qtext command to re-display the text of 8-9(a). The result like what 8-9(b) shows. The operation steps are as follows:
Use simplified character to input all the text while drawing and replace it with complex font when you out-putting the drawing. This can speed up the zoom, redraw and regen speed.
You can use the Qtext to achieve the quick display, but you have to close the quick text setting. Otherwise, there will be some contour lines when you print.
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