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Textfit command in autocad

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 Textfit command in autocad
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1. command format
Command line: Textfit
Menu: [ET extension tool]> [text tool]> [text adjustment]
Toolbar: [text]> [text adjustment]
  The Textfit command can achieve the automatic matching alignment between two specific points by adjusting the width of text while remain the height unchanged. For those annotation which need the text to restrict in a specific range, the user can use this command edit.
2. steps:
Use the Textfit command to move the text(Figure 8-10(a))and compress it to match the ellipse, the results are as shown in Figure 8-10 (b). The operation steps are as follows:
3. Notes:
1) The tension or compression can only operate in horizontal direction. If you specify the alignment of the two points which are not in the same horizontal line, the system will automatically measure the distance between two points, and automatically matching the text terminal in horizontal direction according to the distance.
2) the command is only valid for “Text” text.
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