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Text Mask command in autocad

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 Text Mask command in autocad
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Text Mask command in autocad
1. Command format
  Command line: Textmask
  The menu: [ET extension tool]> [text tool ]> [text masking]
  Toolbar: [text tool ], [text masking]
  The Textmask command can be placed a mask behind the Text or Mtext dimension text. The mask will block out the entity behind, while display the text before. If the entity and text overlap, then the entity will be blocked while the text easy to observe. The drawings look clear orderly by using the mask.
2. Steps
Use the Textmask command to block part of the graphics in 8-11(a) which overlapping with the "Textmask”. The results are as shown in Figure 8-11 (b). The operation steps are as follows:
The meaning and function of the above tips are as follows:
Masking type: set the screen mode, the options are as follows:
Wipeout: Screening the selected text object based on the Wipeout (raster image).
3dface: Screening the selected text object based on the 3dface
Solid: use the 2D SOLID with specific background color to Screening the text.
Offset factor: this option is used to set the outward offset distance of dimension text to the rectangular mask. The distance is determined by the height.
3. Notes:
Text and the mask behind together constitute an entity, they will be moved, copied or deleted together. The Explode command can divide them into the text and a rectangular box.
2) text with the mask is still available for Ddedit commands to text editing. The original masking shape and size remain after updating of the text edit.
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