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New Dimension Style autocad

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 New Dimension Style autocad
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New Dimension Style autocad
Options in the “New Dimension Style” tab are explained as below:
Linear and Arrowhead Tab:
This area is used to set and modify the style of Linear and Arrowhead. As displayed in the 8-4, the arrowhead change into the Architectural Ticks.
Color: select the dimension line display color.
Dimension break: Controls the gap width of dimension breaks.
Arrowhead: Set the first, second and style of arrowheads. The first arrowhead links with the first extension line, the rest lines are linked with the second arrowheads. Users can also design their own arrows type and stored as a block file for use.
Leader line: Select marginalia line arrow style, usually the arrowhead is solid and closed.
Arrow size: Enter the digital to control the size of arrowhead in length. The width of the arrowhead is 40% of the length.
Center marks: Control the slash length intersected by the extension line and dimensions.
Preview: Displays sample dimension images that show the effects of changes you make to dimension style settings.

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