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 autocad linear dimension
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linear Command format
Command line: Dimlinear(DIMLIN)
Menu: [Dimension]>[Linear(L)]
Toolbar:[Dimension]>[Linear Dimension]
Linear dimension means dimension the graphic object dimension in horizontal, vertical or the specified direction. Also it can be divided into horizontal dimension, vertical dimension and rotate dimension.
After you create a linear dimension, you can add a "baseline standard" or "continuous label." Baseline dimension measure multiple dimensions in the same extension line. Continuous dimension is a multi-dimensions, where dimensions link with each other end to end.
Dimension AB, CD,DE, AE segments by Dimlinear. As graph 9-11 shows.

Execute dimlinear command, specify an extension line origin or (Select), and then Specify a second extension line origin. After completed the steps,” Multiline text(M)/Text(T)/Angel(A)/Horizontal(H)/Vertical(V)/Rotation(R)” will appear in the ribbon. Explanations to the above terms are as follows:
Mtext: You can input specific dimension text in the dialog box.
Text: Input the dimension text directly by choosing this option.
Angular: Enter the new angular for the dimension text.
Horizontal: Place the dimension text in horizontal direction.
Vertical: Place the dimension text in vertical direction.
Rotate: Create the rotate dimension by entering the angular degree in the ribbon.

Many users in the dimensioning, summed up the mouse three point method: starting point, end point, and then point size position, marked completed.
The user has to choose the origin-select-method when specify the dimension objects. Open the target-capture-method in the same time, the dimension will be more accurate and faster.
Users had summarized three ways about the mouse-origin-method: origin to origin, origin to the ending point, then click the dimension position and complete it.

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