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autocad Aligned Dimension

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 autocad Aligned Dimension
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Command format:
Command line: Dimaligned(DAL)
Menu: [Dimension]>[Alignment(G)]
Toolbar:[Dimension]>[Alignment Dimension]
Creates a linear dimension that is aligned with the specified objects or the origin points of the extension lines.
Dimension BC segments by Dimaligned command. The BC segment is as graph 9-11 shows.
1)Command: dimaligned
Execute dimaligned command
2)Specify an extension line origin or (Select): (pick point B)
Specify a second extension line origin: (pick point C)
 Multiline text(M)/Text(T)/Angel(A)/ Horizontal(H)/Vertical(V)/Rotation(R):
 Specify a point right above the segment BC
 Specify the position of dimension line
  Finish dimaligned comman
The explanation of above Prompts are as follows:
Multiline text(M): Input the specified dimension text the dialog box,
Text: Input the new dimension text at the command prompt “dimension text(current value)”
Angle: Changes the angle of the dimension text in the command prompt ”specify the dimension text angle”.
The Dimaligned command is used in the dimension to the anticlinal objects.
The system can adjust the dimension line parallel with the dimensioned segment automatically.
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