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continuous dimension autocad

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 continuous dimension autocad
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continuous dimension autocad
Command format:
Command line: Dimcontinue(DCO)
Menu: [Dimension]>[Continued(C)]
Toolbar:[Dimension]>[Continued Dimension]
Continued Dimension Command can create a series of dimensions end to end. Each continued dimension started from the second extension line of the dimension. Just as the Dimbaseline, you have to create a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension as the baseline, which is used to ensure the extension to the previous dimension for the Dimcontinue command.
The Dimcontinue command is similar with the Dimbaseline command. Dimesion the distance between point A, B,C,D.
 1)Command: dimlinear
Execute dimlinear command
 2)Specify an extension line origin or (Select): (pick point A)
Specify a second extension line origin: (pick point B)
  Multiline text(M)/Text(T)/Angel(A)/ Horizontal(H)/Vertical(V)/Rotation(R):
  Specify a point above the segment AB;
  Specify the position of dimension line
  Annotate dimention text-30
   Finish dimlinear command
3)Command: Dimecontinue
   Execute Dimecontinue command
4) Specify a second extension line origin or [Undo(U)/ Select(S)]: (pick point D)
Specify the location point of the dimension line.
Annotate dimension text-70
Specify a second extension line origin or [Undo(U)/ Select(S)]