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autocad diameter dimension command

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 autocad diameter dimension command
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autocad diameter dimension command
Command format:
Command line: Dimdiameter(DIMDIA)
Menu: [Dimension]>[Diameter (D)]
Toolbar:[Dimension]>[ Diameter Dimension]

Create a diameter dimension for a circle or an arc.
Create a diameter dimension for the circle displayed in the graph 9-14.

 1)Command: dimdimeter
Execute dimdimeter command
 2)Specify an arc or a circle; specify the dimension object
  Multiline text(M)/Text(T)/Angel(A)/ Horizontal(H)/Vertical(V)/Rotation(R):
  Specify a point in the circle
  Specify the position of dimension line
  The user can input alphabets to set the prompts according to their needs.
  The prompts are same with those in aligned dimension.
You can use grips to easily reposition the resulting diameter dimension. The screen displays the changes.
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