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quick leader in autocad 2013

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 quick leader in autocad 2013
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quick leader in autocad 2013
Command format:
 Command line: Qleader
 Menu: [Dimension]>[Quick Leader]
 Create leaders in a easier way with more abundant annotation styles.
The method of quick leader is similar with the leader dimension. Enter “S” and set the appearance of leaders and arrowheads in the “quick leader set” box. As shown in graph 9-19.
Annotation Tab:
Lists of prompts:
Multiline Text: By default, use the multiline text for annotation.
Copy an object: Copy certain object to the end of leader. You can copy the text, a multiline text object, a ribbon, a feature control frame with geometric tolerances, or a block.
Tolerance: Create geometric tolerances using the Geometric Tolerance dialog box.
Block reference: Create blocks of difficult symbols and special characters for reference. It is convenient and efficient.
None: Create a leader without any annotation.
If you select the "multiline text", you can specify the style of multiline text through the options on the right. Prompts of “multiline text”:
MText Options
Prompt for Width: Specify the width of the multiline text annotation.
Always Left Justify: Left-justify the multiline text annotation, regardless of leader location.
Frame Text: Place a frame around multiline text annotation.
Annotation Reuse
None: Don’t reuse leader annotation.
Reuse Next: Reuse the next annotation for the subsequent leader.
Reuse Current: Copy the previous annotation to the current leader dimension.
Leader Line and Arrow Tab
Quick leader is available for the self-definition of the extension line and arrowhead type. As shown in graph 9-20.
Leader Line: Straight and Spline are available for the leader line format.
Number of Points: Sets the number of leader points that QLEADER prompts. Of course, the maximum number is not less than 2. It can also be set as unlimited, then you can pick the number of segments needed and end the leader line by clicking the “Enter”.
Arrowhead: Defines the leader arrowhead. If you select User Arrow, a list of blocks in the drawing is displayed. As graph 9-20 shows.
Attachment Tab
Sets the attachment location for leader lines and multiline text annotation. Text in the left or right can distinguish the specified position. Be default, it is “Bottom of Bottom Line” and “Middle of Multiline Text”. As graph 9-21 shows.
ZWCAD adds more than 40 tools in the extension tools tab, as shown in graph 9-22. It also adds many tools in the other options.
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