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quick dimension in autocad

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 quick dimension in autocad
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quick dimension in autocad
Command format:
 Command line: Qdim
 Menu: [Dimension]>[Quick Dimension (Q)]
 Toolbar:[Dimension]>[ [Quick Dimension]
Creates a series of dimensions quickly from selected objects. It can be used for simultaneously dimension of linear, polyline, polygon, circle, dots, circles and arcs (valid for circles and arcs with center only). This command can be used for baseline, continued and ordinate dimensions

Command: Qdim
Execute Qdim command
  Specify the geometric graph pickthe geometric graph
  Specify the object in the collection:1
  Specify the geometric graph Enter and continue to pickother objects.
  Specify position of dimension or
  [ Continuous(C)/ Staggered (S)/Baseline(B)/ Ordinate(O)/ Radius(R)/ Diameter(D)/
  Datum Point(P)/ Edit(E)];
  Specify a point
  Specify the position of dimension
  Lists of prompts:
  Continuous(C): Create a series of continued dimensions.
  Staggered (S): Create a series of staggered dimensions.
  Baseline(B): Create a series of baseline dimensions.
  Ordinate(O): Create a series of ordinate dimensions.
  Radius(R): Create a series of radial dimensions.
  Diameter(D): Create a series of diameter dimensions.
  Datum Point(P): Set a new datum point for baseline dimensions.
  Edit(E): Edit the size of staggered dimensions.
  Execute the quick dimension command and select the geometric object. Specify position of dimension or [Continuous(C)/ Staggered (S)/Baseline(B)/ Ordinate(O)/ Radius(R)/ Diameter(D)/ Datum Point(P)/ Edit(E)] ]. If you select the Edit, “specify the dimension point to delete or [Add(A) Exit(X)]:” will popped out in the ribbon. The user can delete the available but useless point or add the available point through “Add(A)” option.
  Graph 9-23 shows the available points of the quick dimension while graph 9-24 shows the dimension effect after deleting the available points in the middle.
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