autocad write block

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 autocad write block
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autocad write block
Command format:
Command line: Wblock
Wblock can be considered as Write plus Block, that is Write Block. Wblock command can write the entire graph, internal block or some entity of one graphic block into a new graphic file. Other graphics files can also use it as a block to call. Block defined by the Wblock command is an independent graphic files. So it is called the exterior block compare to the interior block which is defined by Block, Bmake command.
Define the car in graph 10-4 as exterior block(Write Block).
  Command: Wblock
Execute Wblock command
  Select the objects, and select the car symbol
  Specify the objects
  Enter “Bus Block” in the object dialog box
  Confirm the Wblock name
  Click “Yes” button; complete the Wblock operation
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