insert block in autocad

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 insert block in autocad
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insert block in autocad
This section describes how to referent a block that has been defined, in order to improve the efficiency of the drawing. Block reference commands include Insert (single block insertion), Divide (decile insert blocks), Measure (equidistant insert blocks). Divide and Measure commands, see 3.5. This section explains how to use the Insert (single block insertion)command.
Command format
Command line: Insert/ Ddinsert
Toolbar:[Draw]>[Insert Block]
Block or other graphics can be inserted in the current drawing. The block is inserted as a single entity. A graphic is inserted as a block into the current drawing. If you change the original graphics, it has no effect on the current drawing.
When you insert a block or graphics, you must specify the point, scale, rotation angle. The insertion point is the reference point when defining the block. If the graphic is inserted as a block, the program defines the insertion point as the insertion point of the block.
Insert a bed into a graphic by Insert command. As shown in graph 10-6.
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